Feb 28, 2024 | News

City Jewellers stockists of Hamilton x Dune Limited Edition Watches

City Jewellers are pleased to announce they are stockists of the Limited Edition Hamilton X Dune Ventura Watches – these limited edition Men’s watches were inspired by Dune Part Two (2024).

The Ventura Edge limited edition bears a mat black PVD-coated angular case. Its digital display glows up in blue, while the dial imitates the relief elements we can see on the prop in the film – this watch is limited to 2000 pieces.

The Ventura XXL Bright – with it’s luminous, alluring blue dial is a reference to the unmistakable blue eyes of the Fremen people. A button on the left side of the Ventura XXL Bright case activates the glowing blue lines, replicating the “Desert Watch” dial design. This watch is limited to 3000 pieces.

Both watches can be purchased from City Jeweller’s online shop

Click on the links below to view the watches:

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